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Volume 19 No. 3 - December 2020


The relationship between employee participation and job satisfaction

Improving animal welfare at Newcastle University by introducing the low stress handling of mice

Paper Summary Translations

AWERB review of lessons learned from COVID-19 experience


A picture paints a thousand words


Animal Technology at the National Institute for Medical Research: A Century of Innovation

Optimising mouse production – good practice for efficient colony management and implementation of the 3Rs

Time’s up for tick-over colonies … Do we now need to maintain so many GA mouse lines?

Time for change? Practicalities of implementing non-aversive methods for handling mice

Rat litters in trouble – can they be helped?

Food trials conducted to improve the survival and development of Zebrafish

Covance animal environmental enrichment program - In-house enrichment items, their benefits and the process of implementation


  • Mouse to Man: an overview of the impact that mouse model research has had on the development of gene and stem cell therapies and the increasing use of personalised medicine.

  • Do Buccal swabs from Zebrafish give enough of a sample of DNA to be used as a viable non-invasive method of genotyping?

  • Alternative training method using a mouse simulator in intravenous lateral tail vein procedures

  • Surgery refinements improve success rates in rat bile collection

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