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Volume 19 No. 2 - August 2020


Report of the 2019 RSPCA/UFAW Rodent Welfare Group Meeting

Reduction of the negative effects of methionine on bone parameters in broilers’ embryos by intra-egg injection of Vitamin B12

The care of the Children’s Python (Antaresia children)


Feline-assisted therapy: a promising part of animal assisted therapy (AAT)

The care of Central and Pygmy Bearded Dragons

Paper Summary Translations


Physical hazards in the laboratory animal house

The incidence of a pathogenic strain of pseudomonas in a rabbit colony



Development of a sifting cage change method for rats to improve welfare


  • Assessing pain in models of Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Refinements to health monitoring

  • Biosecurity risks and the pre-implantation embryo; lessons from the mouse

  • Environmental enrichment for a small colony of rats

  • Oestrus checking – increasing productivity and embracing the 3Rs

  • Using habituation to reduce stress for rats being transported short distances

  • Shining a light on rearing pigmentless Zebrafish

  • The jacket with pulling power – a novel approach to early stage evaluation of magnetic nanoparticles

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