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Animal Technology & Welfare Journal

Current Issue

Volume 18 No. 3 - December 2019


Increased incidence of spontaneous seizures in laboratory mice in an IVC environment 

Non-invasive extraction of Cnidarian venom through the use of autotomised tentacles


RSPCA workshop, Congress 2019: Everyday 3Rs for Animal Technologists




  • Darwin’s fishes?: keeping Malawi Cichlids

  • Stiff as a board: measuring rigor mortis in Zebrafish

  • Why Zebrafish?

  • You are what you eat

  • A technologist-led approach to altering the culture of care regarding blood sampling

  • Variety is the spice of life; enrichment in our wildtype colony (CD1, B6CBAF1, C57BL6J)

  • MR and CT compatible electrical heating system for mouse imaging

  • Food for thought: the development of drug loaded diets improve both science and welfare

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