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Volume 19 No. 1 - April 2020


70 years of Animal Technician education

An assessment of the validity of laboratory animal behavioural research as translatable models of early childhood adversity: a review

Why talking is important


The Impact of training and development on staff working in Animal Research

Paper Summary Translations


The Concordat on Openness on Animal Research and Animal Technologists



AS-ET Bursary Essay Competition


  • ADVANCE@MRC Harwell: a new training centre for laboratory animal science and genetics

  • Competency assessment for skill acquisition: the TASK model

  • E-Learning: a flexible learning solution for an ever-changing world of work

  • sweet change to the needle

  • Alternative handling techniques to reduce anxiety in laboratory mice

  • A technician’s guide to ferret enrichment

  • Ferret influenza work at the Francis Crick Institute

  • A study into viable wooden enrichment objects for Syrian Hamsters

  • Confronting crunching: a refinement for the care of mice with the desire
    to crunch

  • The cotton rat – a new challenge

  • Does relative humidity affect reproducibility of animal research?

  • Mirror, mirror on the wall

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